David Tomas

Publication Document File

PDF is an electronic storage and distribution platform. Its format has been chosen for its ability to facilitate rapid, economical distribution.
PDF is a mixed metaphor. It is a construction site and a ruin. It serves as an archive of the yet to be and as the ruins of what has been or will not be. It is a contemporary cabinet of curiosities, a mixture of analyses, documents, statements, points of view, fragments, conflicting temporalities, and exotic traces.
PDF’s is the product of an age of uncertainty and instability. Its calendar of production is random. It has no set deadlines for the publication of its issues or limits for the length of the information that it presents.
PDF has a standard structure and set of categories that mimics an imaginary ideal: a future of intellectual discipline, rigour, power, and influence. How these categories are used, however, and what they contain, varies in the interests of PDF’s ambiguities, its porous frontiers, and its indiscipline.

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